A loss for the world of Karate: Yokoyama Kazumasa Sensei has left

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On May 26, Yokoyama Kazumasa Sensei passed away. With his death the Karate world has become somewhat smaller.

Yokoyama Sensei (born 1958 in Japan) started his Karate training in elementary school, but left for Taiwan later, doubting the kind of Karate he learned first. After that he was able to study Shorinryu under Nakazato Shugoro in Okinawa. He taught Karate and Kobudo in Houston, Texas, and in Japan. His dojo, the „Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do Kenshin Kaikan“ is located in Houston and Yokohama. Yokoyama Sensei was also named „Lightning Flash Hands“ due to his speed and power. He was a certified acupuncturist and published articles and books on Karate. He also appeared in movies produced by Brett Mauser.

We had the chance to learn from this world-class Karateka on several occasions in Holland. Mostly, the kind of „meotode“ (夫婦手) he taught and his Naihanchi got incorporated into our curriculum. Also, his way of handling bo, sai and nunchaku were inspiring. But we were impressed the most with his friendly and sincere character. His way of teaching across different styles of Karate was outstanding.

Yokoyama Sensei became 60 years old.